Study finds US outperforms UK on universities' social media performance

April 9, 2012

According to a new report, American universities are better at using social media than their UK counterparts. The report assessed universities' social media use across 5 attributes known as PRINT: Popularity, including website traffic, followers, and fans; Receptiveness, such as linking and referencing; Interaction; Network reach; and Trust, including positive endorsements and ratings. The average PRINT score for institutions was set at 100. As a group, UK universities scored 72, while US institutions averaged 127. Just 2 UK institutions -- the Universities of Oxford and Sheffield -- make the top 10 for their social media performance, ranking seventh and eighth, respectively. Harvard placed first, followed by the University of Pennsylvania and MIT. The report attributes US universities' dominance in the top 10 in part to much larger student populations and increased funding compared to UK institutions -- factors that skewed their PRINT measurements of popularity and network reach. Times Higher Education | Report