Study reveals cyberbullying prevalent on university campuses

March 12, 2014

A study by researchers at Simon Fraser University suggests that cyberbullying is not only prevalent among elementary and high-school children, but on Canadian university campuses as well. The research team, which surveyed over 2,000 people and interviewed 30 participants from 4 Canadian universities, reports that undergraduate students are harassing their peers on social media, instructors are victims of student-led online smear campaigns, and faculty members are “belittling” their colleagues via email. "When you look at cyberbullying among younger kids, or kids in middle and high school, usually by age 15, it dies off," says SFU Education Professor and study co-author Wanda Cassidy. The data collected so far indicate that one in 5 undergraduate students have been cyberbullied, mostly through Facebook, text messages and email. The study also revealed that just over half of the students and faculty surveyed said they tried to stop cyberbullying, but suggested less than half of them reported success. CTV News (Canadian Press)