Survey finds fewer teens liking Facebook

October 14, 2014

New research from a US-based investment bank finds that teens are abandoning Facebook in favour of Twitter and Instagram. The survey of 7,200 US students found that between spring and fall 2014 Facebook use among persons aged 13 to 19 dropped from 72% to 45%. In contrast, use of Instagram—now owned by Facebook—jumped from 69% to 76%; moreover, 38% of respondents said that Instagram would be the best marketing channel by which to reach them. Some speculate that teen users are leaving Facebook due to the presence of adults on the site, or are turning to anonymous social apps like Whisper or Yik Yak. The survey also gauged attitudes toward technology, finding that just 16% of teens said that they were interested in the recently announced Apple Watch. Many stated that they did not see the need for a watch regardless of who made it or what the price tag was. Nevertheless, teens do favour Apple: 67% of respondents said that they owned an iPhone, up from 61% in the spring, and 73% said that they expected their next phone to be an iPhone. Toronto Star