Survey shows Canada’s skills gap widening

October 18, 2013

The shortage of skilled workers in Canada is increasing, according to a new study from global recruiting firm Hays PLC, which surveyed the skills gap in 30 developed countries around the world. The study ranks Canada ninth among the list of countries for the severity of its skills shortage, and its score has deteriorated in the past year. However, skills shortages are worse in Japan, the US, Germany, Sweden, and several other countries. The report also says that skills shortages are not directly linked to the state of the economy in any individual country, but explains that they are more closely connected to government policy, how effective institutions are in turning out graduates with the right skills, and how effectively employers train their workers. CIBC recently released a report that says the return on investment for PSE is narrowing due to the fact that too few students are graduating from programs that are high in demand. Globe and Mail | Survey Infographic