Survey shows that half of Canadians who have not sought career advice wish that they had

March 12, 2015

A survey commissioned by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) and The Counselling Foundation of Canada has found that roughly half of Canadians who had not previously sought the advice of a career planning professional wish that they had. 53% of respondents who were classified as having "careers" said that they had sought advice from a career professional. Among those who were classified as having "jobs," 38% said that they had accessed counselling services. Approximately half of respondents in each group who had not sought career or employment counselling said that they should have sought more professional advice. Most respondents had received career advice from a high school guidance counsellor (55%) or a career counsellor at a PSE institution (40%). Among students surveyed, 58% said they were likely to seek advice from a career or employment counsellor at some point. CERIC News Release