Survey shows US campus HR leaders’ attitudes toward retirement, adjuncts, social media

October 6, 2014

Inside Higher Ed has released the results of a new survey of campus HR leaders. Respondents to the survey expressed concerns that faculty members working past retirement age are limiting institutions’ flexibility to hire new faculty. 51% said that they were very or moderately concerned about a “lack of sufficient retirement incentives” for eligible faculty, but just 43% said that they strongly agreed that their institutions provided “sufficient phased retirement options for faculty.” A slim majority (51%) said that their institutions fairly compensate adjunct faculty members, and 38% said that adjuncts received “appropriate” benefits packages. But, the number who strongly agreed that adjuncts were receiving appropriate job security and due process protections dropped to 15% from 18% last year. On the matter of social media, 38% felt that colleges should have explicit policies limiting faculty members’ commentary on workplace-related matters. 32%, however, disagreed, and 31% were undecided. Inside Higher Ed