Survivors, Dawson community reflect 15 years after campus shooting

September 15, 2021
The Dawson College community, survivors, and families of the victims marked the 15th anniversary of the Dawson shooting earlier this week. While there was no formal memorial because of COVID-19, Global News reports that people were invited to visit the Peace Garden at the college, which was created to honour the life of Anastasia De Sousa and those affected by the shooting in 2006. “It’s still very sad,” said Meaghan Hennegan, who survived being shot that day, “but at the same time, you know, every year I get to look at where I am right now and be really proud of it.” CTV News states that survivors of the Dawson shooting and École Polytechnique massacre in 1989 have urged the federal parties to take a stance on gun control for this election The Suburban | Global News | CTV News (1) | CTV News (2) (QC)