Suspended McMaster profs appeal 2013 tribunal decision

August 27, 2014

5 professors who were suspended by a McMaster University tribunal will head to court to appeal the institution’s decision. The 5 were suspended after the tribunal concluded that they had harassed other faculty members as part of an effort to force out Paul Bates, then the Dean of the DeGroote School of Business. The appeal process means that previously secret details of the tribunal have come to light, comprising 15,000 pages of documents that were filed with the Ontario Divisional Court. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) will pay the legal costs of the appeal. Former CAUT Executive Director Jim Turk described the tribunal as “a staged trial ordered by the university under rules that violated every concept of natural justice in this country.” McMaster spokesperson Andrea Farquhar said that the tribunal and its processes are clearly defined in university policies, and added that “throughout the hearing, there was considerable confidence in the process as it is laid out. We have tried to safeguard the interests of all players.” The Hamilton Spectator has published a special report that includes documents, audio testimony, and updates on the suspended faculty members. Hamilton Spectator (appeal) | Hamilton Spectator (special report)