TÉLUQ CEO calls on QC universities to unite in offering distance ed

October 5, 2016

TÉLUQ CEO Martin Noël has called for Quebec’s postsecondary institutions to follow the example of other provinces and unite to offer distance education. In a submission to QC Minister of Higher Education Hélène David, Noël said that QC should look to Ontario, whose eCampusOntario portal launched last fall and now offers 13,000 distance learning courses. This portal is supported by a consortium of Ontario universities that have pooled their resources to develop a range of courses. According to Noël, having schools pool their resources can reduce costs to governments and save money that might be spent on other higher ed initiatives. “Software is expensive and must be renewed regularly," said Noël. “Courses should also be reviewed regularly. For each university, these are costs that can become astronomical.” La Presse