Tablets in class off to shaky start, but worth working on

December 13, 2013

A recent Quebec study examining in-class iPad use among grades 6-10 students shows that an overwhelming majority (99%) find the gadget distracting, and that many (one third) admit to playing games during school hours. Students also reported doing very little reading on tablets, and were still doing assignments on paper. In fact, about 85% of the students said they never or rarely used the iPad to prepare written work. However, when asked about the benefits of using iPads in class, about half of the teachers said it opened up better access to information, 40% mentioned the easy portability of the devices, and about one third said it allowed for greater collaboration. The study concludes that despite the challenges tablets pose, introducing them into the classroom is still a worthwhile endeavor, as long as teachers are given the proper training. The researchers surveyed 6,057 students and 302 teachers at 18 elementary and high schools in Quebec. Globe and Mail | Full Report