Tech companies get involved with creating micro-credentials to train, reskill workers

July 6, 2021
Faced with challenges in hiring postsecondary graduates who have the right skills, tech companies are working with institutions to design micro-credentials that will fill the skills gaps in their industries. The Financial Post says that by the time they graduate, many students’ knowledge and skills sets may be out of date, or they may not have familiarity with the new technologies that have become popular in the industry. In response, those within the industry are helping to create micro-credentials to fill their vacancies in a shorter amount of time and to reskill workers from adjacent industries. “The consequences of relying on a traditional university experience is that we’re putting our future generations at a disadvantage if we’re expecting them to have work experience to start with,” said Evans Adnani, senior lead for Shopify Inc’s postsecondary training program. “[S]o it will be up to industry to start new programs to try to train their employees.” Financial Post (Editorial)