Technology both helps and hinders students’ studies

November 21, 2013

New technology is improving studies for many students, but other students aren’t using mobile devices to their advantage, says a new US study by McGraw-Hill Education. Nearly 40% of students reported that the internet and social media networks are the biggest distractions while studying, and more than 50% of students said they used computers, tablets and phones for non-study activities, such as texting friends, while they were studying. However, more than 50% of students felt "better prepared for classes" and had "improved studying efficiency" as a result of study technology, while 45% of students experienced reduced stress related to studying and exams. The over 500 students surveyed were users of a McGraw-Hill Education adaptive learning tool called LearnSmart, which uses algorithmic technology to continually assess students' knowledge, skills and confidence levels and then designs targeted study paths based on the resulting data to improve student performance. McGraw-Hill Education News Release