Three years later, BC campus sexual assault policies have a long way to go: minister, advocates

June 5, 2019

Three years after the Government of British Columbia mandated sexual assault policies on the province’s campuses, several advocates feel that many institutions have failed to implement sufficient strategies. In 2018, a provincial caucus ran a private evaluation of the policies implemented across the schools and identified “red flags” that included a lack of dedicated staff, inaccessible statements, and poor awareness. “Everyone is just doing it off the side of their desk without a lot of financial or human resources,” said Chantelle Spicer, women’s representative for the BC Federation of Students. “By not properly resourcing it, you’re kind of perpetuating the barriers that are keeping people from coming forward.” Minister for Advanced Education Melanie Mark echoed these sentiments, adding that “No one should go to school fearing they will be sexually assaulted. I see this as a human rights issue.” Vancouver Sun (BC)