Top scientists propose creation of public health network based at UOttawa

April 7, 2021
A group of top scientists have proposed to restore the Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN) to its status as an internationally respected pandemic surveillance system. Grant Robertson of The Globe and Mail reports that the idea is backed by both WHO and the University of Ottawa’s Bruyère Research Institute, which would house GPHIN. The move would provide a stable and cost-effective environment in which to manage the GPHIN while helping it achieve independence from government interference. If the proposal is successful, the GPHIN will be allowed to run as a non-profit, which will allow it to receive grants in addition to partial funding from the federal government. “GPHIN has achieved world-wide recognition as a rapid provider of accurate information regarding a variety of global events of public health importance,” the proposal says. “Future versions of GPHIN must build on and maintain this pre-eminent position.” The Globe and Mail (National)