Toronto labour market short engineering, IT, and technical sales graduates

February 23, 2012

In a new report, the Toronto Region Research Alliance offers a supply/demand analysis of more than 60 occupations in business and commerce, engineering, health, information technology, and sciences. The demand was estimated in number of new jobs to be created this year, while the supply was estimated from the actual number of graduates from regional PSE institutions in 2010. The report finds that engineering and IT occupations will be in high demand and undersupplied. Despite a lower demand, occupations in design are projected to be undersupplied in 2012. The report observes a high demand for technical sales skills in the Toronto region. Preparation in sales is generally absent in PSE programs in sciences, engineering, IT, and health, and is elective in most business programs. The report states that local youth interest in occupations is lowest in IT and engineering, and highest in business and commerce.  Read the report (PDF)