Tracking, responding to student engagement in international MOOCs

January 12, 2016

When tracking the engagement of students enrolled in international MOOCs, it is not enough to determine what proportion of students come from specific countries, writes a contributor for the Chronicle of Higher Education. When one investigates how student engagement can vary by gender between different countries, for example, this information might provide instructors crucial insight into how they can achieve higher quality and more equitable learning outcomes for an entire cohort. Student motives for taking a MOOC can also vary significantly, and these variations can sometimes show patterns that MOOC designers and instructors can use to guide the development of future courses. The contributor concludes, “I love teaching in the MOOC realm—it has advantages and possibilities that just aren’t there in other forms of teaching—but what we’ve seen in this work helps us understand that we’ve got a long way to go yet in terms of making a MOOC work for everyone around the world.” Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)