Trades training reductions anticipated at Okanagan College

April 27, 2011

In a new release announcing its 2011-12 budget, Okanagan College states that trades training will likely see some reductions in the coming year, as the institution responds to a 5% reduction in the BC Industry Training Authority's (ITA) funding to institutions. The effects of the funding cut will be mitigated as reductions come in trades programs that have had low application and enrolment rates in recent years. Okanagan College will reduce the number of intakes in other programs in response to lower demand for those particular areas of trades training. "With these reductions, we're still anticipating that Okanagan College will be able to meet student demand for trades training," says the college's board chair. A number of non-ITA funded programs will be offered in the coming year, and the ITA is still considering funding applications for 2 new programs. Okanagan College News Release