Trent partners with energy firm for $15.5 M for campus upgrades, renewal

December 18, 2015

Trent University has announced that it has selected Ameresco Canada for a $15.5 M project to renew and upgrade campus infrastructure for the purpose of enhancing comfort, saving energy, and reducing Trent’s carbon footprint. The project includes upgrades to 26 buildings, and is expected to save the institution more than $1.5 M in energy costs annually over nine years. Trent Vice President, Finance and Administration Steven Pillar said, “this project will yield immediate cost-savings for Trent University, but more importantly, it will result in an over-achievement of our energy reduction targets set in our five-year Energy Conservation Plan and a simple payback of nine years.” Bob McCullough, President of Ameresco Canada, added, “students, faculty and staff will not only benefit from the campus improvements, the community will also benefit from lower greenhouse gas emissions.” Trent | Amaresco