Trent professor wants to set up research lab in home

August 13, 2014

A Trent University professor is seeking permission from a local municipality to rezone a house she owns as a research lab, reports The Peterborough Examiner. Magda Havas studies the effects of electromagnetic energy on human health, particularly how Wi-Fi affects children. Havas wants to set up the lab in the house because it is sheltered from Wi-Fi and cellphone reception, which she says is not possible at the university. Trent officials have stated they do not have a problem with Havas’ plans as the research she will conduct there is separate from the research she does for Trent. Residents from the area where Havas’ planned lab is located have expressed concerns, and as the house will need to be rezoned, the local council will hear her proposal at an upcoming council meeting. The Peterborough Examiner