Trent to sell surplus endowment lands

March 2, 2012

Trent University's board of governors has approved plans to sell property the institution owns in Woodland Acres to facilitate more capital developments on the East Bank of the Peterborough campus and to develop lands at Armour and Nassau Mills Roads as first envisioned as part of the initial planning for Trent. Stressing that the lands have no long-term, strategic value for the institution and are better suited for alternate residential and commercial purposes, Trent president Steven E. Franklin says the decision to sell the surplus parcels of lands was a strategic one to maximize the value of the endowment lands "in order to generate new revenues that will enhance infrastructure on the East Bank of our campus and bring the services our students and members of the broader community desire." Franklin says Trent will consult broadly as it begins an integrated planning and consultation process to engage the community in this planning. Trent News Release