Tuition fees worldwide rose by 2.58% in 2011, report finds

March 22, 2012

A report tracking trends in tuition fees in the "G-40" nations that account for more than 90% of the world's PSE enrolment and research finds that, on average, university tuition fees increased around the world by 2.58% last year. However, because of significant inflation in many part of the world, the global tuition fee index actually dropped by 1.76%. Also examining student aid trends, the report observes that student aid rose significantly in Chile, Colombia, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, and Nigeria in 2011. Taking tuition fees and financial aid trends into account, the report concludes that overall PSE affordability increased last year in Colombia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. Decreased affordability was observed in the Philippines, Spain, and the US. The report states that affordability declined somewhat in Canada, as large tuition fee increases were only partially offset by boosts to financial aid. News Release | Full Report