Two out of five Canadian university students lack food security, says report

October 28, 2016

Two-fifths of surveyed students at Canadian universities lack food security, according to a report from the national campus food organization Meal Exchange. Drawing on a survey of 4,013 university students from five Canadian universities, the research found that 39% of respondents compromised on the quality of food they ate, did not eat balanced meals, and worried about running out of food. One in four said food insecurity affected their physical health, while one in five said it was impacting their mental health. “Post-secondary institutions and governments are responsible for the well-being of their students,” says Meal Exchange Executive Director Anita Abraham. “We need to stop pretending that traditional approaches, such as food banks, are addressing the root causes of food insecurity. It’s time to share that responsibility and shift the conversation to long-term solutions.” Maclean’s