U of T Ethiopic program surpasses $500K fundraising goal

November 4, 2020
The University of Toronto’s Ethiopic program has surpassed a $500K fundraising goal thanks to a $30K gift from The Weeknd. The funds will support the Ethiopic program in offering at least one Ge’ez language course each year. The release says that the U of T is the only university in North America to regularly offer Ge’ez language courses. “U of T’s Ethiopic studies will illuminate to the world the hidden, untouched millennial scripts in Ge’ez and uncover rich texts of philosophy, grammar, mathematics, astronomy, history, medicine and law,” said Tessema Mulugeta, president of Bikila. “During this modern age, current and future generations of U of T students can continue to access Ethiopia’s past and unlock tantalizing deposits of wisdom from distant eras of human history.” U of T (ON)