uAlberta announces 121 voluntary staff buyouts

October 2, 2013

The University of Alberta has released the results of its August offer of voluntary buyouts, with 77 professors and 44 other staff members accepting the severance packages. The program will see a one-time payout of $16.7 million to the 121 departing staff, and will result in savings of up to $14 million per year, but that may not be enough to prevent further staff loss, stated Martin Ferguson-Pell, Acting Provost. The staff cuts affect various faculties, but arts and science will see the majority of faculty losses, with 30 and 15, respectively. In addition, 22 administrative staff have accepted the buyouts. Dustin Chelen, VP for the students’ union, expressed concern regarding the quality of education with fewer long-term professors, but recognized that financial difficulties have forced uAlberta to make some “tough decisions.” Edmonton Journal