uAlberta discontinues funding for field hockey program

March 5, 2012

The University of Alberta has withdrawn financial support for its women's field hockey program, which the athletics director says costs the institution about $120,000 a year and does not have the broader community support in Edmonton to bring in extra funds through ticket sales, sponsorships, or sports camps. The decision to cut field hockey is primarily financial, the director says, but is underpinned by uAlberta's vision and philosophy of putting money into high-performance sports with community support. The 16-member team will be removed from competition in Canadian Interuniversity Sport and Canada West University Athletics Association. With just 4 women's field hockey teams in the western conference, the uAlberta team's coach says the decision will devastate the sport at the university level. "This is way bigger than just another school cutting a sports program," she says. "This is pretty much saying 'we are cutting field hockey out of the university system for females.'" uAlberta does not have a men's field hockey program. Edmonton Journal