uAlberta faculty concerned about proposed changes to budgeting

October 28, 2014

Faculty at the University of Alberta say that they are concerned about the impact of a new model of budgeting that is expected to go into effect as early as the spring. The “Responsibility Centre Budgeting” approach will reportedly see administration allocate specific amounts to each faculty to cover all expenses, including salaries; individual faculties would be responsible for covering any additional costs not met. While proponents say that the move could help PSE institutions operate more efficiently and encourage faculties to find new funding sources, critics argue that such a model will lead to competition rather than collaboration between faculties and that it will favour faculties that have historically been the recipients of large corporate donations. Some also say that the new model will take deans out of the faculty association, making it more difficult for them to speak out. uAlberta President Indira Samarasekera dismissed such concerns, saying that the changes are “not as drastic” as some are saying. Still, Kevin Kane, President of the uAlberta Faculty Association said that there remains “significant concern.” “The concern is some faculties will expand and be vibrant and others, just as valuable to society, will stagnate,” he said. Edmonton Journal