uAlberta launches USEED crowdfunding campaign to fund satellite launch

February 26, 2014

The University of Alberta is reportedly the first PSE institution in Canada to partner with crowdfunding platform USEED, with the launch of a fundraising campaign to fund the $60,000 launch fee for the first made-in-Alberta satellite. The satellite will be launched into space with 49 others in 2015 as part of the QB 50 project. Crowdfunding “enhances the uAlberta’s traditional and existing sources of philanthropy, providing an additional, fun way to help student initiatives and campus projects achieve excellence,” says uAlberta VP Advancement O’Neil Outar. “The power of crowdfunding is that no amount is too small, people can give whatever they feel they can afford, and with a big crowd of supporters, it all adds up to make a difference. By donating, you join a community in supporting a student, a research team, or a project exploring something new.” USEED is dedicated to supporting the crowdfunding projects of PSE institutions, but many other platforms are being used by institutions and students to raise funds for various projects, and even for tuition. uAlberta News