UBC to close College for Interdisciplinary Studies

March 25, 2013

As UBC's College for Interdisciplinary Studies prepares to close its doors on October 1, students in a handful of graduate science programs will soon have a full-service faculty to call home. Starting in September, the college's interdisciplinary programs, such as bioinformatics, oncology, and software systems, will be transferred to either the Faculty of Science, Medicine, or Applied Science. The college was founded in 2006 in order to maintain department-spanning research units and provide graduate programs for students who wished to focus on more than one field of study. But the research units were brought over to individual faculties last year, and the college's principal says it is no longer worthwhile for UBC to maintain the stand-alone graduate programs. The principal stresses that while the change will involve some shifts in administration, it will have very little effect on the overall course of students' degrees. CfIS Principal Message | The Ubyssey (student newspaper)