UBC cracks down further on frosh chant

September 19, 2013

The University of British Columbia yesterday announced comprehensive measures to address inappropriate and offensive frosh activities on campus, following the results of an investigation into the alleged, and now infamous, frosh chant sung on a bus taking students to and from UBC frosh events. The panel responsible for the investigation finds that there is no evidence that the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) planned or directed the chant, but states that the chant in question and other offensive chants are CUS oral traditions, and that no society member attempted to stop students from singing the chant. UBC President Stephen Toope announced that a voluntary donation of $250,000 over 3 years from CUS, with additional resources from the university, will fund a new staff member to provide student counseling and education on sexual abuse and violence. Toope has also appointed VP Students Louise Cowin to lead a task force to “design broader measures to address systemic and organizational issues.” UBC News Release