UBC documents show “friction” between board and former president

January 29, 2016

A series of unredacted UBC documents demonstrate a “low level of trust” in former President Arvind Gupta in the months leading up to his sudden departure, writes CBC. Earlier this week, UBC released files under a freedom of information request, yet a series of unredacted messages accidentally appeared in a PDF of these documents. The additional correspondence shows former UBC Board Chair John Montalbano expressing deep concern over Gupta’s leadership, addressing the president directly in saying, “there is general consensus that your actions and reactions to the Board's concerns, advice and inquiries suggest you possess an indifference or intolerance of the Board at best—or worse, an intended disregard of its authority." Gupta has responded to UBC’s released documents by calling them a “one-sided representation” of what occurred in the months leading up to his resignation. CBC (Documents released) | CBC (Gupta response) | Vancouver Sun  | Globe and Mail | UBC