UBC to increase housing, food plan costs for 2015

October 10, 2014

UBC will increase some of its student housing fees by 20% beginning in September 2015. The increase will affect approximately 5,700 of the 9,463 UBC students who live on campus, and amounts to a monthly increase of $105–$140. Students who live on campus year-round will not be affected. UBC’s Managing Director of Student Housing and Hospitality Andrew Parr acknowledged that the increase is substantial, but said that it will remain less expensive than living off-campus. “I don’t want to make light of a 20-per-cent increase … but we feel it’s still well within that at- or below-market structure,” Parr said. After the increase, the average price for on-campus housing will be about $780, compared to between $740 and $860 for off-campus accommodations. UBC students living on campus will also see their food costs increase next year, due to a $285 jump in a capital improvement fee that is part of UBC's meal plan pricing. Parr said the fee will be used to fund student services, financial support programs, and new buildings. Vancouver Sun