UBC joins edX as contributing charter member

September 11, 2014

The University of British Columbia has partnered with edX, a provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs), and will launch 4 new MOOCs this fall. Professor Edward Slingerland will be launching a MOOC on a topic he has taught before, but will use the MOOC to experiment with new ways of delivering and assessing material. The new class will be offered to the worldwide MOOC audience before being used in-class at UBC. “One of the appeals of the MOOC platform is that you reach a completely new demographic,” said Slingerland. UBC already offers MOOCs on the Coursera platform, and recently launched its first LOOC, or local open online course, designed for members of the UBC community. UBC is apparently the first contributing charter member from Canada, although McGill and the University of Toronto signed on with edX in early 2013. UBC News