UBC-O students vote to help fund library expansion

November 4, 2014

Students at UBC-Okanagan have voted overwhelmingly to support the creation of a new library. In a referendum last week, 85% of students voted in favour of a $70 student fee levy to help fund a project that will add 45,000 square feet of study space, more than doubling the existing library space. “We are tremendously grateful to our students for their vision and commitment, and we’re excited about proceeding on this project in partnership with students,” said UBC-O Principal Deborah Buszard. Buszard said that the university will also seek additional funding from other sources to make the project happen. “By contributing financially our students are sending a powerful signal to potential donors and other contributors that more learning space is needed,” she said. The students will contribute roughly one-third of the $30 M estimated to be necessary for the project. UBC-O News Release