UBC-O working to comply with court ruling on campus shortcut

February 10, 2015

UBC-Okanagan is dealing with the latest development in an ongoing legal battle with local residents who claim that students and staff who use a rural road to access campus are trespassing. A 2010 court ruling restricted access to the road to individuals who worked or attended classes in 2 specific buildings that were closest to the access road. However, the residents went back to court, alleging that since the ruling, the number of users has actually increased. Now, a BC Supreme Court judge has given UBC-O until February 16 to prove that it has a plan to reduce traffic. UBC-O is working on signage to warn people that they are trespassing, and will launch a communications campaign to ask the campus community to comply with the order. But UBC-O spokesperson Bud Mortensen remains concerned. "We have not learned yet how they intend to monitor or measure that traffic flow as a result of our enhanced communication ... They run the risk of creating a situation where everyone loses access," he said. Global News | UBC News Release