UBC opens North America's first campus skatepark

May 2, 2013

UBC has opened the first campus skatepark in North America at its Vancouver campus, giving students, campus residents, and Metro enthusiasts a new place to ride their skateboards and BMX bikes as well as rollerblade. Made of concrete and galvanized steel, the UBC Skatepark offers a range of jumps, banks, and obstacles for riders of various skill levels. The skatepark's most distinctive feature is a stack of large books made of concrete and steel, a feature that reflects UBC's academic environment and is engraved with a quotation from Vincent Van Gogh: "One must work and dare if one really wants to live." A UBC official says "we have a large number of skateboarders and other action sport enthusiasts on campus and we had a unique opportunity to provide them, and the greater community, with a dynamic new space." The nearly $500,000 project is a partnership between UBC and the University Neighbourhoods Association, which represents the growing campus population of 18,000 residents. UBC News Release | UBC Skatepark