UBC opposes donor’s appeal of Supreme Court decision regarding name on law degrees

December 13, 2019

The University of British Columbia is arguing that a man whose $30M donation resulted in its law faculty being named after him should not be allowed to appeal a decision that dismisses his claim that all law degrees conferred by UBC should have his name on them. In November, the British Columbia Supreme Court ruled in favour of UBC stating that the proper interpretation of the words “degree certificate” in the gift agreement meant that Allard’s name should be placed on certificates or parchments granted upon the recommendation of the Peter A. Allard School of Law and not otherwise. In his petition, Allard argued that the court failed to consider the entire agreement in its interpretation of “degree certificate.” UBC states that the questions raised by Allard are “questions of mixed fact and law, rather than questions of law,” and his petition should be denied. Vancouver Sun | Times Colonist (BC)