UBC receives $2.6 M for global fisheries initiative

August 21, 2014

The University of British Columbia has received $2.6 M from the Paul G Allen Family Foundation for its Sea Around Us project. The Sea Around Us initiative is led by professors from UBC’s Fisheries Centre and over its 2-year mandate will help provide countries in West Africa, East Africa, the Arab world, and South Asia with accurate and comprehensive fisheries data to better inform policy makers and nongovernmental organizations regarding ocean resources and effects on local economies. “This generous support will help UBC fisheries researchers work with countries to better understand the industry’s impact on marine ecosystems and its social and economic benefits,” UBC President Arvind Gupta said. There are 4 main problem areas identified: increased public transparency of access agreements for foreign vessels to fish in a country’s waters; improving inadequate methods for recording or estimating fish catches; improving poor policy and management environments for local small-scale fisheries; and illegal fishing by foreign fleets. UBC News Release