UBC receives funding from province for additional speech-language pathology spots

September 18, 2014

The British Columbia government has committed $3.4 M to allow UBC to increase the number of seats in its speech-language pathology program, with $2.5 M allocated to startup and planning costs and an additional $932,000 set aside for annual operating costs. The MSc program will be able to increase its first-year spaces from 23 to 36, helping to address the demand for speech-language therapists in northern and rural BC while reducing wait times for infants and children in need of assessment. Speech-language therapists diagnose and help treat a number of issues, including articulation problems, stuttering, voice problems, language delays and disorders, and swallowing and feeding disorders. “This funding addresses the province’s urgent need for professionals with the skills and experience to diagnose communications disorders, provide treatment, and collaborate with educators, health-care providers, social workers, families and caregivers. UBC is eager to expand its capacity to respond to this very pressing public need,” said Gavin Stuart, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and UBC’s Vice Provost Health. BC News | UBC News