UBC rescuer condemns racist narratives surrounding Saudi attempted murder suspect

October 11, 2016

A University of British Columbia student credited with saving a fellow student from attempted murder says that he wants no part of the Islamophobic narratives that have emerged around the assailant, reports The Province. The suspect in the assault is 18-year-old Thamer Almestadi, an international student from Saudi Arabia whose actions have reportedly prompted a significant number of Islamphobic comments online, with one website repoting on the story with the headline: “Saudi international student tries to MURDER girl with knife, gets put in chokehold by heroic Canadian boy.” “I think that some people are bigoted, they’re xenophobic, they’re racist and this is just going to feed their bias,” said Adam Casey, the student who stopped the attacker. “We had one quite violent incident … and they’re going to ignore the fact that we have tens of thousands of students here from across the world and everyone gets along just fine.” The Province | CBC (Attack) | UBC (President’s Statement)