UBC, Stellat’en First Nation partner on Remote Communities Drone Transportation Initiative

October 20, 2021
The University of British Columbia and Stellat’en First Nation have partnered on the Remote Communities Drone Transportation Initiative, which will study how drones can be used to deliver medical supplies to remote communities. The one-year study will examine the efficacy of unpiloted aerial vehicles throughout all seasons and their ability to carry supplies such as COVID-19 swabs and blood products. The initiative will work on creating a scalable model for the delivery of medical supplies to Canada’s remote and rural communities. “I think the story to be told here is that we need to start our journey understanding how drone technology will advance the medical supply chain and really deepen our relationship with technology, in a thoughtful, relationship-based way with rural, remote and Indigenous communities,” said UBC professor Dr John Pawlovich. Global News | Nation Talk (BC)