UBC working on new admissions policy that considers Grade 11 marks

September 24, 2012

During the BC teachers' strike earlier this year, UBC's senate approved a policy allowing applicants to be considered using their final Grade 11 marks. The senate has decided to repeal the policy, but for the time being it is leaving the option open, reports the student paper Ubyssey. The senate is planning to adopt another policy by November to allow students to be admitted before their Grade 12 marks are in. "UBC's offers of admissions are generally considered to be much later than other post-secondary institutions, so we want to correct that," says the chair of the senate's admissions committee. "The reason that most other post-secondary institutions are faster than UBC is that...(they) use Grade 11 marks." He says the senate will have to work through the long-term intricacies of using Grade 11 marks for admissions before developing a permanent policy. UBC is consulting with the Okanagan campus, BC secondary school students, UBC students, and faculty members to craft the policy. The Ubyssey