uBishop's celebrates completion of revamped Sports and Recreation Centre

February 10, 2015

Bishop's University celebrated on Friday the inauguration of its new John H Price Sports and Recreation Centre. The event marked the completion of a $32 M renovation and expansion, the largest investment in uBishop's history. The additions to the facility include an 800-seat arena, a new fitness centre, a food court with outdoor patio, a new locker room, and a new double gym with mezzanine. In addition, 2 new smart classrooms and a new sports medicine clinic were added to the old sports centre. "With this renovated and expanded sports centre, Bishop's University is increasing and enhancing its service offering to the public in terms of ice sports and other sports activities. We can now offer higher-quality support for our student athletes as well as other high performance athletes," said uBishop's Principal Michael Goldbloom. The facility's arena has been named after frequent university supporters Jane and Eric Molson. Funding for the project was provided by the federal and provincial governments and the City of Sherbrooke. uBishop's News Release