uCalgary, Cannon cleared of wrongdoing in Enbridge investigation

December 22, 2015

An independent review has cleared the University of Calgary and its President, Elizabeth Cannon, of any wrongdoing in the creation of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability (formerly the Enbridge Centre for Corporate Sustainability). “Nobody from the university was found to have done anything inappropriate in the context of our policies and procedures, or in the context of academic freedom,” uCalgary Board Vice-Chair Gord Ritchie told CBC. The review, conducted by retired Justice Terrence McMahon, concluded “unequivocally that Dr Cannon’s involvement in matters arising from the operation of the Enbridge Centre was proper, responsible and required of her as president to protect the reputation of the University of Calgary as an institution that honours its commitment to donors.” CBC | Globe and Mail | CTV News | Metro | Calgary Herald | uCalgary