uCalgary considering admission deposit fee

August 14, 2014

The University of Calgary is considering charging a deposit to students who have been accepted to the university and wish to hold their spot. The plan is being evaluated to reduce the number of students who accept and then back out of their admission offer. uCalgary’s Associate Registrar Scott Robinson said, “we do see people who commit by accepting their offer, but not actually registering in classes—or in some cases registering in classes and then not coming because they’ve actually committed somewhere else where they’ve paid a deposit.” The deposit would later be applied to tuition fees. Hana Kadri, VP Academic of uCalgary’s Student Union is on board with the plan, noting that it would motivate students to prepare for university earlier in the summer and would moreover enable the university to notify wait-listed students earlier in the summer if space has opened up. Many other Canadian universities already require an admissions deposit. CBC