uCalgary to cut back on enrolment to help balance budget

February 29, 2012

Enrolment at the University of Calgary is expected to be reduced by as many as 500 students, the institution announced Tuesday as it posted a balanced budget and a nominal tuition fee increase. After facing a shortfall of nearly $50 million over the past few years, uCalgary is now in the black due to a 2% increase in its operating grant. The institution has also opted to raise tuition by 1.45%, the maximum under provincial law, as tuition increases in Alberta are capped to inflation. To help keep the books in order, uCalgary will be cutting enrolment by between 300 and 500 students. The institution's VP of finance says despite the grant increase from the province, the university still faced a shortfall of over $14 million for the coming fiscal year -- about 1% of the overall budget -- a gap that was met by making small savings, such as installing a cogeneration power plant and changing how the institution photocopies documents. Although it is increasing tuition fees, uCalgary has put off fully phasing in a $450 mandatory non-academic fee until the 2013-14 academic year. uCalgary News | Calgary Herald