uCalgary introducing new vice-provost position to improve institution's teaching quality

March 6, 2012

The University of Calgary is seeking a vice-provost of teaching and learning who would be responsible for improvements in these areas across campus, including encouraging more professional development and helping faculty get a handle on new technology. This "champion" of teaching will also oversee the development of metrics designed to gauge teaching quality. Students have long griped about lacklustre instruction, says the student union president, who presented to the board of governors last week Globe and Mail data showing uCalgary trailing comparable institutions in student satisfaction and teaching quality. uCalgary's provost says more thorough metrics indicate the university has made major strides in terms of retention rates, increased student services, and enhanced facilities. The faculty association president says uCalgary would need to commit more resources if it is serious about improving teaching quality. On the subject of performance measures, he says "we know that not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured counts." Calgary Herald