UCalgary scientists help discover new dinosaur species that preyed on T-rex

September 10, 2021
University of Calgary scientists and researchers from Japan and Uzbekistan have discovered a new dinosaur species which they have named the Ulughbegsaurus. Bone fragments and teeth of the species were discovered by a Russian paleontologist in the 1980s and stored in Uzbekistan’s state geological museum. Kohei Tanaka, a University of Tsukba paleontologist, found the upper jaw and recognized it as belonging to a kind of predator that was not previously found in the area. U of C associate professor of paleontology Darla Zelenitsky says that the Ulughbegsaurus may have preyed on the T-rex. “The apex predator was missing from the species and now here it is,” said Zelenitsky. “I was surprised it took so long to identify such a large predator, so this is very exciting.” Calgary Herald | CBC | Smithsonian (AB)