uCalgary, students’ union contest management of MacEwan Hall

September 21, 2015

A court date might be in the future for the University of Calgary and its students’ union (SU), who have engaged in long negotiations over the future control of the MacEwan Hall building on uCalgary’s campus. MacEwan Hall is currently home to the students’ union, which has reportedly uncovered documents showing that students covered 55% of the building’s original construction costs in the late 1960s. The students’ union is arguing that this evidence, along with an operating agreement from 1969, makes the union the building’s majority shareholder and gives it control over decisions regarding its management. However, SU President Levi Nilson recently told reporters that negotiations with uCalgary over management and ownership issues were “heading toward a stalemate” and that the union might pursue legal action if an acceptable agreement was not reached. Calgary Herald