uCalgary Students’ Union files lawsuit for ownership of MacEwan Hall

October 23, 2015

The University of Calgary Students’ Union has taken legal action against uCalgary to determine the ownership rights of MacEwan Hall. The Calgary Herald reports that the union and university have been working on a new management agreement for the building for more than two years, but negotiations turned negative in September when the union protested the school’s claim to ownership of the building. According to the union, it possesses documents dating back to the 1960s that show it has a 55% ownership stake in the building. uCalgary officials have countered that they also have “50 years of documentation” demonstrating that the building is legally owned by the university. “We’ve got a mountain of evidence,” said Students’ Union President Levi Nilson. “They’ve only produced some of their evidence, but serving (the lawsuit) forces them to show their cards.” Calgary Herald | 660 News | The Gauntlet