uCalgary students poke fun at law school in YouTube video

March 1, 2012

With the help of his classmates, children of students, and one of his professors, a third-year University of Calgary law student has written and produced a satirical video warning about the dangers of law school. Parodying the "Dear 16-year-old Me" video produced by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund to raise awareness about skin cancer prevention, the video shows students telling their younger selves that law school is "where insecure over-achievers go to do something with their bachelor of arts." A student's law school experience will begin with so much hope, they say, "then you'll realize you're destined to make rich companies richer by facilitating the purchase of other rich companies." The professor in the video states that he "will assign you an enormous amount of reading, then proceed to humiliate you during lectures." Uploaded on YouTube on February 26, the video has garnered more than 172,000 hits as of yesterday afternoon (an updated version released Wednesday has had nearly 20,000 views). The video was made for uCalgary's annual Law Show, taking place on March 23. Huffington Post | Dear Me, Don't Go to Law School